Protect your pets in winter too!

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In terms of weather for the animals critical the winter season as well. They also feel cold, and they shiver. If you do not look after them properly, they get sick just like we do.

Exterior protection for dogs

If we have a doggie with a small body let it stay in the flat because he may catch cold easily. Those breeds which belly reaches down into the snow, those the most endangered ones, but any of these small dogs hard to bear the minuses. If its a bigger body, but with short hair, do not leave him outside on the time of frosts, because they don’t have thick fur, them does not spare the weather. If the older animal, not enough for them usual dog house. Instead, a heated room to warm him good.
If we do not enter them in the flat, let them winter in a room heated (garage, cellar, etc.). Let them out to walk, to play and do their job naturally.

The other big dogs from the north love the winter. If you have a dog who can withstand the cold, healthy and vigorous, it will also be aware that the house should be warm. Lined out rags, should be properly insulated and try to keep it dry. If your dog is accustomed to room temperature, you will also need to pay attention to him a lot better than his out living companions. If you walk always give him some clothes.  Either way, the dog’s chest and back all the time should be protect!

Internal protection for dogs

In winter, they must be provided with more food because their bodies are made up of larger quantities of the cold.  Give him more calorie and a higher dose than other times of the year, but be careful to keep the right amount level.

The dog’s legs are very sensitive in winter. The snow and ice did not do good to them. Cuts, etched surfaces, allergic inflammation may be formed on the pads, so often examine their feet. After every walk wash the feet with warm water. If needed use Natura Pets – Paw and nose Butter.

Cat protection

Cats are relatively adaptable to the harsh conditions. Their coats thicken for the winter, not so dense a cold or other illness with them.   Be sure to have a tiny house, which they can heated of their body and which lined with straw or rags, and the entrance is protected from drafts.  Give more food to the cat as well and more nutritious than summer.
If you have indoor cat, occasionally check to see not too hot as in front of the fireplace or lounging on top of the heater. 🙂