Thanks to @pannnatural_pets for helping me make my boy squeaky clean. 😁 Flash smells amazing and his coat even more shiny and soft thanks to the dry and dull coat spray ( Vanilla and cinnamon). Normally the other brand spray I use he sneezes 🙊 whenever I use it so I was pleased when he didn’t sneeze or make any sniffing noses LOL. 😁
I used the ear cleaner with a cotton pad to wipe his ears and the redness around his ear area was completely GONE. 😱
When I was applying the Snout and paw butter he tried to lick it from the container 😂😂😂
I was so excited to try the products I literally used everything 😂 I only have to try the hot spot relief balm and the dry shampoo. 😄 I really loved these products and I am glad that found a product that is both Natural and affordable. ” – @flash_the_brat



“As full time University students who also work on weekends, scheduling weekly bath can be a challenge. If we’ re being totally honest sometimes Apollo’s weekly bath is delayed by a day or two.
Hence a dry shampoo is a necessity for us!
Adding to the fact that Apollo hates taking bath and is sure to make it challenge for us!
We saw @pannnatural_pets product line included a dry shampoo and deciced to give it a try. Apart from the wonderful scent which leaves Apollo smelling like a like he ran through a lavender garden, we’ve noticed that his fur looks less oily and more fluffy (which is a bonus). We’d definitely recommend this product to all those busy fur parents out there. You won’t go wrong! ”  – @apollo_1026




Apollo loves being outdoors whether he is simply running around the yard or rolling in the grass. You’re sure to catch him outside for a good couple of hours everyday.
Due to him being outside everyday we have noticed that he does have an itch now and again hence we decided to try out the @pannnatural_pets Itch Relief Body Spray.
After a week of using it on him we’ve noticed that once we spray the area he is scratching, he immediately stops! A bonus factor about this product is that it has a fresh peppermint scent which is amazing. That way Apollo doesn’t smell like he’s been rolling around in the grass. There’s so many products out there that claim to reduce itching but don’t ! However this one definitely works and we’d definitely recommend it to all dog owners! For such an affordable price it’s definitely a steal ! || Funfact: The doggo on the bottle could seriously be my twin 😂😛 – @apollo_1026

Mum is such a fan of natural products. She came across this natural Ear cleanser. This product is amazing! It smells so fresh and cleans my ear in no time. Mom can’t stop smelling my ears afterward, because they smell so clean. The product infused with Aloe Vera and Rosemary. The bottle is already almost empty because Mom just loves it so much. The fact that it is natural makes it even better! My ears have never been this clean before. Such an affordable buy too.    – @sadie.ollie.and.kodie​



Hello guys 💕
We’re back with a little “verdict” on your products. Firstly THE SMELL 😍 I absolutely love every single scent. We really actually struggled with Mr Benjamin’s ears. They get waxy so fast. His ears are spotless after using the ear cleaner.  He has sensitive dry skin, so we would spend about R120-R150 on shampoo for a 125/250ml max bottle of shampoo. It NEVER made his coat as soft as your shampoo. I can’t even explain. I wish i could send you a sample to feel how soft he is 😂🤭 The paw and snout butter is also absolutely amazing.  The facial cleaner helps so much for his little face rolls. I’m really so so happy we decided to check your stuff out. We seriously cannot wait to try out the rest. Thank you so so much ❤ –  @benjithepuggo​

“Anyone who is owned by a wolfhound knows how one day they can be freshly brushed and gorgeous, to raggedy dirt balls the next. I’m amazed how soft and clean the boys still are after washing them with @pannnatural_pets on Saturday.
Given their size, I used just about the entire bottle on the two of them. So thankful to have received a few of @pannnatural_pets best products. ” – @wolfhounds_and_lee

“Ever had that moment where your dog tries to be all up in your face to show affection or say “Hello” but their breath turns you away?
Nugget has his occasional bad breathe day when eating certain treats or foods. We’ve tried a few different methods/products since he was a puppy and we tried out the @pannnatural_pets breath freshener spray.
Here are our thoughts on this lovely smelling breath freshener:
From the very first spray you get a strong hint of that peppermint/spearmint scent which is absolutely amazing. Nugget doesn’t like things being sprayed at him but he actually really enjoyed this being sprayed in his mouth. We found him trying to lick all those areas around his mouth where a few drops may have gone. 😃 We left him for a while and when checking up on him a while later you could still smell his breath was fresh which was great. It showed us that this product has the ability to keep his breath smelling as fresh as ever for more than just a few minutes. We will definitely continue using this until the very last spray! 👍
On a side note, mom says this is even safe to use on dad, the bottle says so… hehe. Its a win win situation for mom.
Great product @pannnatural_pets ✔️ Will definitely come in handy this summer when I’m chasing the girls  –@nugget_gsd