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Learn how to choose a safe shampoo

Regular grooming can be an important part of keeping your dog healthy. ⇒ Regular brushing will help spread the natural oils throughout your dog’s coat. ⇒ Regular bathing will remove dead skin cells, excess sebum and will help control dust mites and allergens. Bathing your dog once a month is a great idea! Choosing a


How to bath your cat

In each cat’s life the big moment comes when bathing takes places. So for example, when the owner takes the cat to an exhibition, or when you want to speed up the eradication of parasites. Although most cats prefer to stay away from the bathtubs the rest of their life. Here’s how to bath a cat, if you must!  


Cats and Essential Oils

Cats are sensitive to essential oils for two reasons. Not only do felines have very acute senses of smell, but they also have delicate and thin skin, which allows for quicker absorption of these concentrated substances into the bloodstream. Most disturbingly, cats can’t efficiently metabolize the compounds in essential oils, which can lead to toxic