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natural dog shampoo

How often should you bath your dog?

Most advice you find on the internet recommends washing your dog just several times per year! Times have changed! Today, dogs enjoy Natural shampoos and conditioners that don’t have harsh chemicals and that don’t strip the hair of all of its oils. The arguments against washing your dog too often are generally about stripping the coat


How to bath your cat

In each cat’s life the big moment comes when bathing takes places. So for example, when the owner takes the cat to an exhibition, or when you want to speed up the eradication of parasites. Although most cats prefer to stay away from the bathtubs the rest of their life. Here’s how to bath a cat, if you must!  


How to bath your dog

In cold weather, never bath the dog outdoors. This is particularly true for puppies that are not yet able to regulate their body temperature unlike the adult animals. Puppies must be at least four weeks, when the first bath takes place. Groom your dog before bathing to prevent knots and tangling of hair.