Hello guys 💕
We’re back with a little “verdict” on your products.
Firstly THE SMELL 😍 I absolutely love every single scent. We really actually struggled with Mr Benjamin’s ears. They get waxy so fast.
His ears are spotless after using the ear cleaner.
He has sensitive dry skin, so we would spend about R120-R150 on shampoo for a 125/250ml max bottle of shampoo. It NEVER made his coat as soft as your shampoo. I can’t even explain. I wish i could send you a sample to feel how soft he is 😂 The paw and snout butter is also absolutely amazing.
I’m gonna use it for a few more days before sending before & after photos.

The facial cleaner helps so much for his little face rolls.
I’m really so so happy we decided to check your stuff out. We seriously cannot wait to try out the rest. Thank you so so much ❤