About Us

At Pannatural Pets we love animals and believe they deserve the best care!

 Certain products in our grooming can be outright hazardous to the health of our animals, our earth, and our health. To stop the toxic overload we need to be more aware of our everyday choices when it comes to our grooming products.

Pannatural Pets is a natural premium brand for pets and horses that promotes a healthy lifestyle and overall wellness of our precious four legged friends.
We created a full range of pet grooming and care products made from the safest, finest ingredients. We use pure essential oils, botanical extracts and human grade conditioning and cleansing ingredients in our products to avoid strong chemicals at all costs.

We offer natural, environmentally responsible alternatives, to pet and horse owners, in the form of pet and horse care and grooming products that are toxin-free. 

Anyone looking for an effective natural alternative to chemical based products on the market has come to the right place. Especially animals that are prone to itchy, high sensitive skin, dry and flaky skin, or any other skin condition will find great satisfaction in using our products.

 Non of our Products contain: Dyes, Parabens, phthalates, Phosphates, Sodium Laurel Sulphate, Antibiotics, Paraffin, Synthetic colourants or soap

Quality is of the upmost importance, which is why we proudly craft all of our products, by hand, right here in South Africa. using pure oils, essential oils, botanical extracts. and human grade ingredients. 

Your Pannatural Pets Experience will be delicious for both your animal and you.

Pannatural Pets products:

  • Natural & Eco friendly
  • Free of Nasty Chemicals
  • Cruelty Free
  • Tested on humans, suitable for pets
  • Made from the safest, finest ingredients sourced from nature
  • pH value adjusted to the animal’s needs (pH7)
  • We do not use harmful chemicals, artificial fragrances, or any colouring agents
  • Our products are not harmful to animals or humans, and we do not do any animal testing
  • All our products are made in South Africa
Our Mission

 These days, people judiciously try to avoid applying potential toxins to their own skin, as well as favorite pets, and not only for specially sensitive-skinned pets.

For pet and horse owners its hard to find an animal product label which contains any OR correct ingredients OR a product which does not contain at least one harmful toxic chemical and is not excessively expensive.

Pannatural Pets’s passion is to create grooming solutions and enhance the quality of pet’s and horse’s lives by making them clean and comfortable with the power of botanical herbs and plant derived extracts at affordable prices..

Our Vision

 We aim wherever possible to transmit to people the importance and grandeur of natural materials, that protect the environment.
We already supply a large amount of different shops, vetshops, groomers, parlours and distributors all over South Africa and we are always looking for more opportunities to share the natural lifestyle way with others. 

Pannatural Pets offer solutions for the unique needs of your pets and horses:

  • Everyday cleansing and coat conditioning
  • Relief from itching or hot spots
  • Combating pests, insects
  • Skin sensitivity or allergy
  • Odor relief, and more……