How to bath your dog

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In cold weather, never bath the dog outdoors. This is particularly true
for puppies that are not yet able to regulate their body temperature unlike the adult animals. Puppies must be at least four weeks, when the first bath takes place.
Groom your dog before bathing to prevent knots and tangling of hair. 


Prepare everything you need for the bath. natural dog shampoo

Let’s see what you need:

  • Thats important to use a Natural shampoo of PH 7 value, and also use specific, suitable shampoos for different ailments and conditions (puppy, itchy or sensitive skin, etc.). The shampoo is always applied diluted. Do not use products made for humans on pets as this can cause allergic reactions.
  • Towels (the larger the dog, the larger the towel)
  • A warm, draft-free nook in the home
  • If you are outdoors bathing, of course, it is sensible to stipulate a fixed point where the dog bathing.
  • Brush and comb
  • Non-slip rubber mat in the tub


Wet the hair of the dog with warm water. Start at the neck, and then move back and down, at the end clean the head! Massage well in The Happy Pets shampoo in every part of the body (inculing the belly and but) and leave it some minutes, also make sure that no water or shampoo into the ears, because it can lead to inflammation.
Then rinse it properly with lots of warm water because maining shampoo can do skin problems.
The head just wipe with a sponge.
If your doggy fur dull use conditioner what gives back the important oils to the coat and skin.
Massage the conditoiner as well and leave it some minutes. Then rinse again with lots of warm water.
After rinsing dry off with thick towel.
If you wish you can use a low temperature hair dryer.


How often should I bathe my dog? It’s the question I get asked nearly every day.

My answer… You should bathe your dog whenever she’s dirty or stinky,

On days when you don’t give a full bath, your dog will appreciate a quick foot bath.

A foot bath is a great idea… because, of course, your dog is naked, not wearing shoes or socks, and sweats from the bottom of her paws. Keeping her paws clean will make her more comfortable, and a better companion.